2017 Florida Road Trip

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Joshua Turned 1

Joshua turned 1 year old on May 3rd, and this first year has gone incredibly fast.  We’re not big on parties when our children are this young, but we made sure that he had the opportunity for cake.  He got to open presents (when his sister Sara let him), and he seemed to really enjoy it.  He scored a new library worth of books from all of his grandparents and aunts.  He also got a Bob the Builder giant Lego set and watching him walk around with this giant bucket held out in front of him is pretty amusing.

He’s a very mobile dude now and has pretty much given up on crawling.  Even though he first walked around 9 or 10 months he kept to crawling for another month or so for primary locomotion.  He’ll be running any time now since he always watches his sister.  Sara is in a constant state of run.  We challenged her to only walk while we were in the store the other day and it was obvious that she was having to exercise some self control.

Joshua’s 1 year checkup was pretty uneventful.  Basic stuff – development, height, weight, etc.  He’s is now 21 lbs and 30 inches – quite a change in a year.  Unfortunately, his last round of inoculations have left him a bit sick, but only low grade fever…so – expected stuff.  At least he’s cuddly when he’s not feeling well as opposed to his normal constant state of motion.


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Another Joshua update

Now with his 3rd and 4th tooth coming in, Joshua has added clapping, waving, and standing on his own to his repertoire of crawling the doggy door and general loudness. He is now his over 9 months old and, just like his sister, he is growing up too fast

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Through the Door – take 2

Well – Joshua has finally made it through the doggy door. He’s been eying it for a couple of months, but he finally went through with it today. He actually did it about two months before his sister did when she was a crawler.

And so you can laugh at Sara doing it again…

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Friendface (aka Facebook)


If the Friendface reference is lost on you I’ll direct you here:  http://youtu.be/6rNgCnY1lPg

For years now I have managed to not have a Facebook account, and I have been quite happy without one.  In fact, it has been almost like a badge of honor.  I’ve even given Google+ a shot, but nobody that I know really uses it.  The conversation will typically go something like

Inquiring Mind: You really don’t have a Facebook account?

Me: No

Inquiring Mind: Why not?  Everybody is doing it.  How do you keep up with your friends?

Me: When I first heard of it you had to have an EDU email address.  It was only a service for students and I no longer had a student email address.  I can hear about anything going on with my friends from my wife.  She has an account

Now, keep in mind that I do have a Twitter account and have so for quite some time.  I use it a lot for professional purposes, immediate news and information, as well as personal thoughts, etc.  This often further confuses the above inquiring mind even more.

However, after so many years of not participating in Facebook’s social media outlet, it looks like professional needs are finally going to drive me over the edge.  It started with a request to add a Like button to one of the my employer’s online presences. I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t grab the link and test it.  Next, I wanted to sign up for a online live discussion for a software platform that I support and could not do so.  Although the discussion wasn’t held via Facebook, the signup and instructions for the event were all on Facebook.  Add that to continually missing out on other signups – be it for Windows Phone, SharePoint, SQL Server – I’m just getting more and more frustrated with reliance on the platform.

I have finally, after much consideration and consternation, come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to cave and join the masses.

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Latest Weekend Project

When we bought our house there was a very heavy duty fence built around the A/C unit and water connections.  The problem was that it was rotting and the previous owner’s dogs went after it and chewed/scratched it up.  So – I took it out when I ripped out the old deck.  A couple of years after the fact I finally got around to replacing it.  It was actually a pretty fun project and I had some good quality time with my daughter.  Having children around, though, surely slows the process.  That and prior scehduled engagements turned a 1 day project into a little more than 2.  All worth it of course.  Now we’ve got to wait 6 months to a year before we can stain or paint it since it is all treated lumber.  Here’s to hoping we remember that we had planned to stain it!

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6 Months and Standing!

I turned my back for a minute this morning and turned back to find this! Goodness, I hope that he doesn’t start walking as early as I did. (don’t worry – bottom drawers in this household are kid friendly)

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Today, we gave Joshua his first solid foods. He really likes it. Now maybe he’ll sleep longer through the night

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