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2017 Florida Road Trip

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My Nest

Big news! @Google acquiring Nest to help fulfill our goal of reinventing unloved home products. Nest will stay Nest. — Nest (@nest) January 13, 2014 This is horrible news!…at least to me. I have steadily been removing myself from … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Crib

So now, officially at 21 months & 18 days Joshua has decided that he’s done with his crib.  He insisted on sleeping in the big boy bed after escaping the stuffy confines of his crib for the third time this … Continue reading

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Joshua Turned 1

Joshua turned 1 year old on May 3rd, and this first year has gone incredibly fast.  We’re not big on parties when our children are this young, but we made sure that he had the opportunity for cake.  He got … Continue reading

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Another Joshua update

Now with his 3rd and 4th tooth coming in, Joshua has added clapping, waving, and standing on his own to his repertoire of crawling the doggy door and general loudness. He is now his over 9 months old and, just … Continue reading

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Through the Door – take 2

Well – Joshua has finally made it through the doggy door. He’s been eying it for a couple of months, but he finally went through with it today. He actually did it about two months before his sister did when … Continue reading

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Friendface (aka Facebook)

  If the Friendface reference is lost on you I’ll direct you here: For years now I have managed to not have a Facebook account, and I have been quite happy without one.  In fact, it has been almost … Continue reading

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Latest Weekend Project

When we bought our house there was a very heavy duty fence built around the A/C unit and water connections.  The problem was that it was rotting and the previous owner’s dogs went after it and chewed/scratched it up.  So … Continue reading

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6 Months and Standing!

I turned my back for a minute this morning and turned back to find this! Goodness, I hope that he doesn’t start walking as early as I did. (don’t worry – bottom drawers in this household are kid friendly)

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Today, we gave Joshua his first solid foods. He really likes it. Now maybe he’ll sleep longer through the night

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