The Doors

No – not the band – the new doors that we had installed throughout the house.  I have found something in the do-it-yourself home arena that I truly think that I severely dislike (I won’t go so far as to say that I hate it).  Painting doors sucks!  If it was just a flat door – sure, no problem.  But these six panel doors are a nightmare.  Priming them is a chore in itself because they suck up the paint.  Then there are all of the lines in the grain of the wood and the cutouts for the panels.  It takes forever.  And that’s just for the priming…then the paint has to go on.

All in all the whole process is about zero fun.  One door takes about 3- 4 hours to complete.  I’ve done three including the trim work.  Those that I have completed look immensely better, but wish my luck as I try to complete the remaining nine while Aimee is out of town this weekend.

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