A Photo Update

Fall SessionI really need to be better about writing things for this blog, but often pictures speak for themselves.  We recently took Sara out to our church grounds just before Thanksgiving to get some Fall photos since we missed them around Halloween.  I’m glad we did after getting some of these.  People always tell me how good she is in front of the camera.  For the most part that is true, but not everybody see the photos that I have to toss!  I agree though, she’s a trooper.

Fall Light Waterfall


We were able to go to Houston for Thanksgiving this year to see my parents.  It was a good trip, although Aimee came down with a cold once we got there.  However, Sara did get to participate in her first Christmas tree decoration which she loved. So when we got home from Houston that was to be one of our first priorities. In that, we decided to get a live tree. This was my first one ever, and to be honest, I really like it so far!  Sara enjoyed putting up her decorations, and the first thing that she wants before eating breafast every morning at dark o’clock is to go turn on the lights on the tree.  I think having her put on all of her ornaments was a great decision because now she doesn’t go and mess with them or take them off.  She just wants to see them and put on the new ones that she makes at school.

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