And now comes the fun stuff

Aimee is now on her 35th week.  She’ll have her last sonogram on Thursday to kick off week 36 – look for pictures to come.

Since all of the doors are now done and the clock is ticking rapidly towards this whole life changing event thing I decided that I’d better start going through some of the gear that we’ve been blessed to receive thus far.  Tonight, after we took the dogs on a walk (because for some reason it was really nice outside) we installed both car seat bases, put together the stroller frame, assembled the glider (it’s really a swing – why would they call it a glider?), and then tested everything out.  So far so good!  I guess that this is the easy part.

Soon I may think about starting to dig out the back yard in preparation for installing a new patio since we had to rip the old deck out.  It was a shame that we couldn’t use the back yard this Spring so maybe I can have it ready for the Fall.  Only time will tell.

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