So – Aimee is almost to the 34 week mark! It’s exciting, but geez – having a toddler running around already definitely makes it different. Maybe it’s that we just have a better idea about what is important now…and that the list you get from Babies R Us when registering is pretty much crap. Really – those of you that are parents know that 80% of that stuff has no relevance. We’re looking forward to this new one – it is quite a mover and overall this has been a much different pregnancy for Aimee. We’ve got our boy and girl names picked out, and hopefully they’ll fit the child upon birth and we won’t have to come up with new ones!

Wish us luck as we continue to prepare. I’ve still got to paint the nursery which we recently had re-textured top to bottom. 50 years of old paint, wallpaper, and more paint kind of makes it difficult for new paint to stick, and re-texturing was the answer. Aimee has most of the clothes organized, but not knowing the gender makes planning some of that stuff difficult. But c’mon – we’re realists…all the baby really needs is yellow, green, and white onesies, burp cloths, and diapers for the first few months anyway.

On to the other child – Sara is great and is currently doing very well with her potty training. She knows what to do, it’s just a matter of reminding her to go do it. We recently took Sara on her very first picnic as spring was arriving. Her mommy recently went through boxes of her old toys as we were preparing a garage sale to help purge our junk and found many of her old books and toys. One of them is a Mickey Mouse picnic story that Sara loves! As soon as she understood what it was talking about she began asking to go on a picnic. As soon as the weather turned we were able to take her, and she loved it. We will have to do it again soon.

Picnic at the Pond

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