An Update

Joshua hit the two month mark this week and wow is he growing. He has grown about four inches and is putting on about two pounds per month. He’s doing great and big sister Sara has gotten used to his presence and is over the fact that she got a brother instead of a sister. She tells her teachers at church that “we’re going to keep him.” Phew – I guess that I didn’t know that there was a question.

We had a good time tonight with Joshua as he was just as happy as could be. He was smiling constantly and really responds – he even responded to his name tonight. He kicks and moves like crazy when I tickle him and I’m sure will be laughing here shortly. He is also pretty good on his tummy and can stand on his own if he is being balanced.

Sara will be turning three at the beginning of August and is looking forward to go back to school. We will be taking her to Sea World soon to celebrate her birthday. She doesn’t know about it yet, but she’ll have a great time. Darn television commercials, though. That’s where she learned about it. It’s not just Sea World though any commercial for Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, or any water park is followed by “I wanna do that”. I guess that she got her way on this one.

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