You’ve got to see…

You really need to see Henry Poole Is Here. I thought that it was a fantastic movie starring Luke Wilson. Although I’m not sure how much it was intended to be it was very God-centric. It made light of the importance of hope and faith, and although I wish that it had distinguished more the difference between hope and faith it was a fantastic view into the difficulty that can lie in making the leap that one must take when making a declaration of faith or belief.

I’m not a movie critic so I can’t write on and on about the directing, script, etc. so I won’t say much more. I had never heard of the film until Netflix suggested it, and I don’t know what kind of theater release that it actually had. It’s a movie, though, that I think should be in one of those religion in film classes or sermon series.

Check it out – I think that you’ll like it.

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