The cost of supposed fun!

So I’m trying to swing attending a SharePoint conference in Aneheim next week, and Aimee and I thought it may be possible to take the whole family, piggy back on the paid for hotel room, and then extend our stay a little bit. Being from southern California Aimee would have liked to use the opportunity to visit some friends, check up on her mother’s rental property, and we would have vistited my sister and her family while we were at it.

Of course, since we would be in Aneheim we’d have to go to Disney Land! I haven’t been there since my family moved to Texas from Huntington Beach in 1985, and I know that it has been quite some time for Aimee as well. Really, though, I thought Sara would enjoy it (although I know she is still a tad young to really get it). Here’s where the problem lies – Admission for our family would be $235! Yes, that’s correct $235! That is ridamndiculous! That’s before feeding ourselves! Forget it…out of the question…not for that price. I can maybe see it if this had been a long planned for trip, but apparently Disney takes themselves pretty seriously. Can you imagine what would have happened if Wally World had been open when Clark Griswald made it to the gate?

Teller: Hi welcome to Wally World
Clark : I’d like to buy tickets for my family. It is me, my wife and my two kids Russ and Audrey.
Teller: Wonderful – that will be $240
Clark: #E@E#@(!@&#^@&#@(! Two hundred and forty dollars?
Clark: Is that Canadian? What if my children were under 3?
Teller: Oh, in that case it will be $230

I just assume that you’ll let your imagination finish out that scene.

Needless to say, the family will not be going to the left coast with me this time. I’ll still try to see my sister and her family while I am there. I think that I’ll be skipping Disney Land, though!

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  1. Mike Partridge says:

    I was thinking to myself you guys must have some bills lying around to just hit up disneyland. That place is crazy expensive!

    Need to watch National Lampoons now…

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