Sara’s 7th – 12th months and various other ramblings

WOW! It’s been way too long since I gave an update…a little less than 5 months to be precise. I have an excuse, though – I was going to change web site hosts so I had a full back-up of my site and I didn’t want to add anything to until I was at a new host. Alas, I’ve decided to stick with my current service as I haven’t had the problems that I previously experienced.

So, this could be a long post, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. Let’s do Sara first. We last left off after Sara’s 6th month on God’s green earth. Hmmm…can I remember what has happened so long ago? Sara has a total of four teeth now, and is ever changing. She’s got a head of curly blonde hair. You wouldn’t know it, but that’s the same as her mother and I both had until we were 5-6. Sara’s is actually a little darker than ours was, though. She’s a super crawler now too. We had a couple of months where she would only low crawl around on her belly, but one day around 9 months she rocked back on her knees and realized that she could get around faster that way.

I absolutely love taking photos of Sara…as you’ll see she has really changed a lot. We started taking her to the Dallas Arboretum which was a great opportunity to get outside and have some new photo settings to use. Here come the photos, etc.

Sara Months 7-10

Sara Months 7 – 10

In June, Sara (and Jason) got to go to their first family reunion in southern Illinois.  This was the 91st Swallow Family Reunion for Aimee’s side of the family.  It was a good trip.  We started in St. Louis, drove to Whitehall, IL, and then back to St. Louis via Hannibal.  I’ve got to say that the only downside of the whole trip was leaving Dallas where we had a 6 hour delay due to rain.  Sara is just like any little baby, though, in that she loves to explore. I finally had to start baby proofing the cabinets and other things. However, since I’ve done that she found out that she could go in an out of the doggy door on her own. We let her do so for the most part because she doesn’t like to leave the door step. Also, she took a couple of steps on her own a week before her first birthday, but nothing since then. Because of that we’ve decided to put her in the toddler/walker nursery room when we’re at church in hopes that she’ll pick up that skill from the other kids.  I think that once she realizes that walking is faster than crawling she’ll choose that instead.

Sara Months 11-12

Sara Months 11 – 12

Finally, what else do I say…Aimee and Jason are fine – all is well in the hood.  I am really trying to learn more about my photography hobby.  I really enjoy it; I just have to keep it on the cheap.  You can check out my stuff on Flickr here Jason’s Flickr

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  1. Vicki Kaiser (Heiser) says:

    Hi! Don’t know if you remember me but I met you at your parents river house after thanksgiving, Sara was just a baby then. I was searching the web for Heiser family reunions and found your site. Great job on the website. Just wanted to say hello!

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