A Busy October

Well – Sara has had a busy month!  She and Aimee started the month by heading to California with my mom to not only see her Grandma, but she finally got to meet her Great Grandma Evelyn, Aunt Candace, cousin Ellie, and cousin Ian.  It was a busy trip for such a little person.  She did great on the plane, though, and slept through most of the flight both ways.  I did miss them while they were gone, but I got to see her every night on Skype.  Her big accomplishment on this trip – she found her hand!  Yeay!

She also got to go to the Texas State Fair for the first time. She wasn’t the only first timer, though. My parents and sister Katrina had their first fair experience too. I think that everybody should go to the fair at least once. Geez, it’s expensive, though. Here’s Sara and Mommy at the fair.

Since it is October, we had to take Sara for the obligatory pumpkin patch.   Of course, I’ve got a ton of pictures, but I won’t bore you with them all.  If you want to see them I’ll put them up somewhere for you to view – just let me know.

Finally, we had Sara baptized on the 19th. We hosted a crowd of eleven family, and we got to use the new flagstone patio for the first time. I had finished it earlier in the week, and we put the furniture back on it just for this occasion.
I think that the weekend really took it out of Sara. Since then, she’s been sleeping between 10-12 hours every night ever since. I’ve got to admit, that’s great for Aimee, but it means that she’s not napping as much during the day. She is almost three months now, and we’ve learned that is about the age when their sleep habits change again. Anyway, here are some photos from the weekend.

OH!  Sara played dress up last Friday for my office Halloween party.  I really think that it’s just an excuse for everybody to bring their kids up for show and tell – not to mention we all left early for the day.  Anyway, Aimee and I won!  We had the cutest baby IMHO  😉  It was so beautiful outside this weekend so we took advantage of it and spent a couple of hours walking around downtown and had dinner on a patio.

So – that’s all for now. I hope that everybody has a great day. There will be more to come sometime in the near future. Sara started laughing this week so I’ll try to get some pictures of that.

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2 Responses to A Busy October

  1. Chrissy says:

    What a cute lil’ pumpkin Sara is!

  2. Janet Clark says:

    Great job posting photos and explanation!
    Love, Grandma

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