Our November Update

My how the days go by.  It’s hard to keep track of time; everything seems to be moving so fast.  On top of that, there’s so much going on that it’s hard to remember what we’ve done.  Sara, of course, turned 3 months old!  She grows so fast, and we can see her constantly changing…particularly in her behaviors.  For one, she finally found her thumb!  For those that don’t know, we decided to go without a pacifier.  It’s been a topic of much discussion as has our use of swaddling.  We figure that she’ll do fine.  Pacifiers are a recent invention anyway, right?

We’re in a constant search for good portrait shots of Sara, and Aimee found the perfect backdrop.  What do you think?

Also, being that Sara hit that magical 3 month old mark we decided to start having her learn to sit.  This pod thing that she’s sitting in is great.  She can’t stand to stay in it for very long right now, but I think that will change.  It also seems to have created some interest in toys which up until now did not exist.

Sara also got some new outfits since she has started to grow out of her others.  She got her first pair of jeans and got a whole lot cuter!

Finally, it’s Christmas time! Sara had to go have her first visit with Santa. Isn’t she adorable in that dress?

We have a busy month ahead of us.  We’re going to California for Christmas this year – everybody will be there.  Aimee’s mom and grandmother are there as well as my sister and her family.  I’m sure that it will be quite the fiasco, but that’s what families are all about.  I’m sure that Sara can handle it, though.  At her four month check up she had more vaccinations and is now 24 1/4 inches and 15 lb 6 oz!

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