Sara’s 5th & 6th Months

It seems so long since I last posted a full update, but it has only been two and a half months! We’ve been busy, though.  Sara had another plane flight as we went to California for Christmas to visit Aimee’s mother, grandmother, and my sister and her family.  We had a great time and a wonderful holiday.

In January, Sara finally started sitting up on her own.  This is a huge milestone.  She still enjoys her activity saucer, though. We also found a ticklish spot – this is probably more of a milestone for me because according to Aimee I only wanted Sara for my amusement.  Maybe that’s so because who can resist her irresistible reaction?

At the end of January we took Sara to College Station for the first time where she got to see her first Aggie Basketball game, and she even got to meet former President Bush (#41).

February was a big month too. Sara got to use a spoon for the first time. Rice cereal went pretty well, but peas aren’t her favorite.

She’s growing so fast, and she’s such an amazing gift to us. I’ll update our family albums soon with a more comprehensive lgroup of photos. Our current albums can be found here: Heiserfamily Photo Albums

But until then I present, for you enjoyment, Gangsta and Naked Sara.

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2 Responses to Sara’s 5th & 6th Months

  1. Catherine Yates says:

    She’s so cute!!!!

  2. Janet Clark says:

    Sara is the most beautiful baby!! Thank you for the updates. Love, Mom

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