So we finally got a video camera.  I’ve been kind of against the whole concept as I prefer still photography.  However, my sister got a little video camera made by Flip that is intended for snippets and short video.  I liked the concept and that it’s not intended to replace still photography.  There are no cards or cables…just plug it in directly to any machine with its built in USB and you’re set – no software.  Woot! put one up a couple of weeks ago so I bought it.

It will be a nice to have thing and Aimee can keep it in her purse or the diaper bag.  We haven’t done a whole lot with it, but I went ahead and set up a YouTube account for posting.  Maybe I’ll change it to another service at some point, but this works for now.  You can find it here:

Our YouTube Channel

Stay tuned – I’ll be posting on Sara’s 5th and 6th months in the next few days.  Aimee and Sara are in California so I’ve got all kinds of time on my hands!…oh wait, no I dont – now I have to take car of all of the things that I’ve been procrastinating  <sigh>

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