The Longest Remodel

OK, it’s not really the longest remodel, but it seems like it’s taking a really long time. I finally got all of the floor tile down this weekend, and I’ll grout tonight. Aimee and I decided that the floor would really just look better if we set it on the diagonal. You know what that means – that’s right – tons of tile cuts. Luckily I bought a cheapo tile saw which seemed to do the trick, but that doesn’t change the number of cuts that were needed. I cut tile for five hours on Saturday and then set it for another two after dinner. Now I think that I have tennis elbow!

It looks really nice, though, and hopefully the grout will just make it look better. So what do I have left to do?

  • Grout
  • Caulk the base of the tub
  • Install new base boards
  • Cut and set the tub surround tile
  • Install the new vanity, basin, and medicine cabinet (if and when The Great Indoors finally stocks it)
  • Find and install the new toilet

Easy, right? We’ll see.

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